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Based upon customer-centered, people-centered and technology-centered management philosophy, we will grow further.

CEO Jeong Gwang-Jae Onecast Co., Ltd

How are you?
I am Jeong Gwang-Jae, CEO of Onecast Co., Ltd.
Thank you for visiting our homepage.

Just as existing intercommunication system developed from the concept of devices into that of network-based system and that of solution, intercom systems are expected to develop through the same process. Before establishing this company, I had prepared to develop network-based integrated broadcasting system. Most of the intercom integrated broadcasting systems currently popular on the market are walled garden-type that simply combine conventional audio broadcasting, video broadcasting, studio broadcasting, on-the-spot broadcasting, network, communication, and video security systems. Those systems have limited media quality and convenience owing to complexity of use, functional overlap, and limitation of integrated control.

However, our products are all open garden type and network-based broadcasting systems, which are manufactured by reflecting all requirements of our customers and going through the process of analysis, design, and realization to integrate audio broadcasting, video broadcasting, studio broadcasting, on-the-spot broadcasting, network, and communication functions from the early stage of development.

Listening attentively to your comments and opinions, our executives and employees will do their best to develop higher-quality integrated and converged intercom systems that are more convenient for you to use.

Believing that an opportunity for new businesses depends on the integration and convergence of technologies, our executives and employees will utilize our creativity and technology, build business operation systems effective and efficient for developing good products, and contribute to the growth of customers, executives, employees, investors, society, country, and the world people.

With endless spirit of challenge and passion, we will grow step by step.

Thank you for your help and encouragement