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Based upon customer-centered, people-centered and technology-centered management philosophy, we will grow further.

Year 2011

◆ Acquired NET certification of “Real-time Redundancy of Audio broadcasting”
◆ Certificated IPv4/v6 Dual stack (Oct. 2011)
◆ Acquired Quality Management Systems [ISO 9001 : 2008] (Jun. 2011)
◆ Established R&D Center (Mar. 2011)
◆ Acquired patent [Providing method and system of intelligent PA system  based on network] (Mar. 2011)
◆ Acquired patent [Video Encoding Considering Region of interest] (Jan. 2011)

Year 2010~2009

◆ Acquired patent [Video encoding method] (Mar. 2010)
◆ Selected company for running of “Future leading Works ” from  Small-Medium Business Administration and completed the works (May. 2009)

Year 2008

◆ Acquired certificate of Venture company (Dec. 2008)
◆ Established (Sep. 2008)

Year 2015

◆ Acquired certification of Excellent Performance from Small-Medium Business Administration (Oct. 2015)

Year 2014

◆ Acquired patent [Transmission and receive system of audio] (Jun. 2014)

Year 2013

◆ Acquired Direct Production Certificate [PA system] (Jan. 2013)
◆ Acquired patent [PA system device with Broadcasting contents mixing based on hybrid network (Jan. 2013)
◆ Acquired patent [Control system and method for IPTV service(IP-STB] (Apr. 2013)
◆ Acquired patent [PA system device based on hybrid network] (Jul. 2013)
◆ Certificated Venture Company Certification (Dec. 2013)

Year 2012

◆ Acquired patent [Group PA broadcasting system] (Mar. 2012)
◆ Registered Plant (Apr. 2012)
◆ Acquired Direct Production Certificate [Connecting device to network (Telephone/Switch board)] (Apr. 2012)
◆ Acquired patent [Redundant method and system of broadcasting service] (Jun. 2012)
◆ Acquired patent [Install Supporting Broadcasting contents mixing (Jul. 2012)
◆ Acquired Excellent Performance Certification from small & medium Business Administration Oct. 2012)
◆ Acquired patent [Method and system of providing PA system based on hybrid network] (Oct. 2012)
◆ Esignated Excellent Product of PPS (Public Procurement Service)(Dec. 2012)

Year 2017

◆ Acquired Patent [Method of Audio control & Device by considering outer circumstances](Mar. 2017)
◆ Certified as an excellent company with Assessment of Technique(Mar. 2017)
◆ Acquired Direct Production Certificate (Apr. 2017)
from the Ministry of industrial career(Oct. 2017)
◆ Registered on the with “A Qualified Provider of [Broadcast equipment for disaster prevention]
(Auxiliary Equipment)” (Nov.2017)
◆ NET (New Excellent Technology) Certified with (Dec.2017)

Year 2016

◆ Designated G-PASS company (Jan. 2016)
◆ Acquired ‘INNO-BIZ Certificate’ (Aug. 2016)
◆ Acquired Patent [Crosstalk noise reduced audio system and Methods for crosstalk noise reduction] (Aug. 2016)
◆ Acquired CE(Conformité Européenne) Certificate (Aug. 2016)